Tenth Joint Seminar - September 29, 2014


Sezione INFN
Università di Torino
Via Pietro Giuria, 1
I-10125 TORINO
Seminars will take place in Aula Magna lecture hall
14:00   Welcome address  
M. Shaposhnikov, «Higgs boson and cosmology»
I will discuss how the Higgs field of the Standard Model can make the Universe flat, homogeneous and isotropic; produce the quantum fluctuations seeding the structure formation; and lead to the Hot Big Bang. Together with neutral leptons the Higgs boson may play the crucial role in neutrino mass generation, baryogenesis and dark matter production.
S. Stieberger, «Unity of tree–level superstring amplitudes»
We review recent results in open and closed superstring tree-level amplitudes. We establish a relation between open and closed string amplitudes communicated by some projection. As a consequence of the latter the alpha'-expansion of a closed string amplitude is dictated by that of the corresponding open string amplitude. This map points into a deeper connection between gauge and gravity amplitudes than what is implied by the Kawai-Lewellen-Tye relations. The combination of single-valued projections, Kawai-Lewellen-Tye relations and Mellin correspondence reveal a unity of all tree-level open and closed superstring amplitudes together with the maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills and supergravity theories
15:55   Coffee break  
A. Zaffaroni, «Monopole operators and three dimensional superconformal field theories»
We discuss recent advances in understanding the quantum corrected moduli space of N=4 superconformal gauge theories in three dimensions. Monopole operators play an important role in the analysis. The results have applications ranging from mirror symmetry to the study of non Lagrangian theories.
E. Dudas, «Aspects of inflation in supergravity»
I will discuss some aspects of inflation in supergravity. First, the scale of supersymmetry breaking is constrained in case of chaotic inflation. Second, the simplest inflationary models contain, in addition to the inflaton multiplet, another multiplet whose properties will be discussed.
18:05   Concluding remarks  
20:30   Social dinner