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01/04/2010: YouRoma - April 2010
From YouRoma: Due romani tra i fisici che stanno per svelare l'origine dell'Universo.
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11/03/2010: YouRoma - March 2010
From YouRoma: Ferrara racconta Einstein, teatro Argentina gremito.
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06/07/2009: CERN Bullettin 28-29/2009
From the CERN Bullettin: Sergio Ferrara has been awarded the Commendatore Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana.
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08/12/2008: CERN theorists gather further honours
The CERN Courier reports on the Amaldi Medal awarded to the P.I.
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01/10/2008: Good fortune for CERN theorists
From the CERN Bullettin: Awards aplenty for one CERN theorist as he wins the Amaldi Medal and is one of two theoreticians from CERN to be awarded the European Research Council's "Advanced Grant".
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01/10/2008: Miller Members in the News
The Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science announces the award of an ERC grant to Sergio Ferrara, Visiting Miller Professor in the fall 2008.
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24/09/2008: ERC Adv. Grants competition: First winners
CRUE announces winners of the Advanced Grants in the domain of Physical sciences.
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16/09/2008: INFN Press Release n. 175
L'Europa premia la Fisica italiana.
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01/09/2008: CERN researchers win prestigious ERC grants
The CERN Courier publicizes the ERC grants awarded to CERN members.
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01/09/2008: Italian Physical Society
SIF: press release from the Italian Physical Society on ERC funding the SUPERFIELDS project.
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08/08/2008: Normale News
Normale News: press release from the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) on ERC funding the SUPERFIELDS project.
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And the Winners are ...
Physicsworld looks at who will benefit from the European Research Council's "Advanced Grant" ... and SUPERFIELDS is mentioned!
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