Eighth Joint Seminar - March 9, 2012


Sezione INFN
Università di Torino
Via Pietro Giuria, 1
I-10125 TORINO
Seminars will take place in Aula Magna lecture hall
11:30   Team meeting  
14:15   Welcome address  
L. Rolandi, «Search for the Higgs Boson at the LHC»
Results on the Higgs Boson search from recent analyses of the ATLAS and CMS experiments are presented with a critical view. The perspective for the continuation of the search in the 2012 run is discussed.
V. Mukhanov, «From Quantum Fluctuations to The large Scale Structure of the Universe»
I will discuss the robust predictions of cosmic inflation and compare them with available results on the measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background fluctuations. The Planck mission and future experiments will be also discussed.
16:30   Coffee break  
Z. Bern, «Gravity as a Double Copy of Gauge Theory and Implications for Ultraviolet Properties»
We will demonstate that at high loop orders we can easily obtain gravity amplitudes from gauge theory ones which have been put into a form manifestly satisfying a duality between color and kinematics. Implications for ultraviolet properties of gravity theories, and in particular N=8 supergravity in various dimension, will be described. We will show that that in detail the ultraviolet properties of N=8 supergravity match those of N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory (which is known to be ultraviolet finite in four dimensions) through at least four loops. We will also give an update on the status at five and higher loops.
18:00   End of the meeting  
20:30   Social dinner