Ninth Joint Seminar - October 16-18, 2013

Joint ERC Workshop - MassTev, Superfields, Strings & Gravity
Organisers: I. Antoniadis, S. Ferrara, D. Lüst


Arnold-Sommerfled-Center for Theoretical Physics
Theresientrasse 37
D-80333 MUNICH
The workshop has the aim to provide a stimulating exchange of ideas among the fields of research which are represented by these three ERC grants: MassTev, Superfields, Strings & Gravity.

Invited speakers: G. Dall'Agata, I. Bakas, E. Dudas, G. Dvali, S. Ferrara, I. Florakis, S. Mukhanov, A. Sagnotti, S. Schäfer-Nameki, W. Skiba, D. Waldram, K. Zarembo.

More information about the event can be found here.